Death to the Northern Orc League!

Nigh on 10 years ago, the orcs fell upon the small garrison of Hells’ Throat and slaughtered all men, women and children therein. Those good people besought the intervention of the gods, who saw fit to visit upon the orkin horde a sickness which would decimate their numbers. The Northern Orc League was defeated by the powers of goodness and purity, but they left their mark…

Frandor’s Keep has a long and bloody history. Who held the keep first is lost to legend, but it has changed hands many times. The very stones of this ancient keep were joined to one another with the mortar of blood, and yet they may be the only stronghold against the savage and evil orcs that have holed up in the Krond Heights. What untold riches were looted from the surrounding areas and brought into the Heights? What legendary weapons lay forgotten in the mines of the mountains? Lost relics of some god perhaps lay hidden, waiting for some blessed or lucky adventurer to stumble upon them. What artifacts sit idly while the forces of evil amass around them? Yea, there is much adventure to be found.

It is for this reason many brave — or foolhardy — adventurers continue to arrive at Frandor’s Keep. Locals keep a wary eye to the heights, for they remember the tragedy that struck when the Northern Orc League was united under Ahk’Tang and fell upon the unsuspecting garrison. That was 8 years ago. Long enough for the cycle to begin anew? Or is this area merely waiting for some new blood to break the pattern of death that characterizes the history of this place?

It is this very reason that a group of brave adventurers are in Vew…stranded by the muddy mess recent rains have made of the roads. For that is where our adventure begins…


Many thanks also to Kenzer & Co. for releasing the most enjoyable game I’ve ever played. Hackmaster, Kingdoms of Kalamar, and all “official” Tellene place- and character-names are registered trademarks, copyrighted, etc., etc. All rights are presumably reserved.

Catastrophic Fumble 2.0

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