Catastrophic Fumble 2.0

The Legend Begins...

In-Game Date(s): Homeday, 5 Arid, 563 I.R.
Location: Town of Vew, P’Bapar

The party (Dagomite, Baratu, and Khar’akh) meets at the Green Gryffin Inn in Vew. They are accosted by Belipar, with whom they strike a deal.

“The rest of the story…”

The group meets in the Green Gryffin Inn to swap stories of the road, said road having lately been turned into mush. While they are making each other’s acquaintance, they are accosted by a wild and eccentric man calling himself Belipar, the great and famous painter in these lands. After considering that none of them, even the member of the party who is local to the area, have heard of this great painter, they agree to obtain the lead Belipar seeks for the cost of 50sp, assuming the party can retrieve the jars in which the lead was transported. They obtain a finely-crafted map for the purpose of getting them where they need to go.

They set out, find the place where the caravan was attacked, and follow the tracks east toward the lake.

At the clearing, they find the wagon, and are immediately attacked by wolves. After driving off the wolves, they continue east toward the lake.

When they move south at the lake, they come upon an apple tree which Baratu notices has a basket in it. When he moves to approach the tree from a different angle than the normal approach, however, he trips the trap which dumps a basket of snakes on his head.

…to be continued.



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